Ichie (Guitar), Sam (Vocals), John (Drums) & Paul (Bass)

Failure was formed in June 2005 and is currently made up of four members including guitarist Ichie, vocalist Sam, drummer John and Paul on bass. Their style, while often defying description, consists of many recognizable musical forms including a heavy dose of hardcore and metal along with modicums of punk, screamo and other genres. That being said, they are influenced by a multitude of sources composed largely of hardcore and experimental artists.

The band started as a side project of members coming from the ashes of different Batangas City bands to meld elements of different genres in an original sounding way. The original line-up was Pat (guitar), John (drums), Sam (vocals) and Roland (bass). After a month, the bassist relinquished and Failure became stagnant for a while. Then the quest for another bassist ended when Francis agreed to unite the band.

Francis, Sam and John have known each other since they were in high school. All musically inclined since then, they had formed Waizted Tongue and played punk music during their sophomore year. It's pretty much been a roller coaster ride from their high school days until these three, with expanded musical abilities became members of one band again. Together with Pat and his crushing experimental guitar lines, they amalgamate their musical influences and played together until Francis left Philippines to work in Singapore on June 2007.

Francisí sudden exit from the band caused whirlwind lineup having different bassists to play for them during gigs. In 2008, Pat also said adieu leaving Sam and John as the only original band members. Bassist Paul of Voices of Unreason and guitarist Ichie later joined to continue what Francis and Pat had started. With its current array, Failure befalls to be the instrument of obliteration it is today.

A set of four that shriek out their style of ear splintering aggressive sound, Failure is constantly pushing the envelope of crafting new songs. The band is currently playing gigs around Batangas area and near-by zone.