21 JANUARY 2008

In line with the member changes is a new website. New link “Releases” has been added here that display Failure's released CDs/VCD plus the updated list of shops where you can buy “Fear the Elements”. Enjoy viewing the new site folks!


14 JANUARY 2008

Paul and Ichie’s first gig as Failure was a blast! Very remarkable sets and it was great conversing with the foreign bands (Kias Fansuri, Justkneeta and Eucalypt). Gratitude goes out to the organizers and 043-Bloodline for coming with us. We definitely had one great night at Cuerdas Bar! 043-Hardcore-NSC-Respect!

06 JANUARY 2008

Failure has a brand new lineup this year! Guitarist and one of the founding members of the band Pat said adieu for now for personal reasons. As for me, most probably this is the last news entry in behalf of my brothers in Philippines. Our strong brotherhood makes farewell the bitterest word but my work here in Singapore will be for long and I guess this is the time to declare goodbye as well.

Obviously Failure had been stagnant these past few months because of my unexpected exit from the band causing whirlwind lineup and some shits and it can’t stay that way. Moving forward, two new brothers will join drummer John and vocalist Sam to complete the new array of the band. Bassist Paul of Voices of Unreason will unite forces with guitarist Ichie to continue what Pat and I had strived for.

The struggle will go on and the band that started as four individuals is now a family. We amalgamated for music and this made way to the kinship that cannot be compared to the bass and guitar lines that Pat and I contributed for Failure. So we are just saying goodbye from our title as “guitarist” and “bassist” but we will always be their BROTHERS, part of the Failure family together with our crew who are with us since day one. The new members are not replacements but addition to our family.

As Failure’s kick-off this 2008, watch the new line-up on these upcoming gigs this month.

January 13, 2008 – Kias Fansuri, Justkneeta and Eucalypt Southeast Asia Tour (Cuerda’s Bar, Shaw Blvd Pasig City)

January 26,2008 – Hardcore Aggression (Centro Basketball Court, Baliuag Bulacan)

Thank you for supporting Failure and pushing our family to move on. Failure is never a damn failure!



It’s been quite a while since our last update. Well here are what Failure is up to on our 3rd year. Fear the Elements is now available in Singapore, few copies had been passed to Straits Records and selling price is 30S$. Our deepest gratitude to Anis and the rest of One Voice Crew for helping us to pass those CDs and for the warm reception they had given me. We are looking forward to be a part of the OVC 3rd compilation next year and hopefully you bros can visit Philippines to have a taste of street gigs and meet our crew. Fear the Elements is also now available at Le Frag Distribution, a PH-based dealer of audio materials from independent foreign and local artists.

Next is our most anticipated full-length album. This project is way too much delayed because of money matters; wish we could hit it before this year ends. As for our bassist, it is Loloy (my beer buddy) of Tellayouthska who is taking my part currently. Thanks bro! Btw, Failure will be playing at Hardcore Finest gig at Saltwater Bar, Calamba Laguna on 29 of September so see you there! That’s all for now.

29 JUNE 2007

I am currently here in Singapore, for greener pasture… Haha! But it doesn’t mean that I am quitting from Failure. Temporarily, other bassist will join the band… We still don’t know who would it be but Charles of Rigmarole is now doing some sessions with my three brothers in Philippines. My part now is still to maintain our website and other online accounts; be the point of contact with our labels (Avoid Fate Records, Shurikenfist Entertainment, and Village Kids Records) for upcoming projects; distribute our split as much as I can here in Singapore. I will be meeting some bands and hopefully I can pass our CDs to local distros here and let our music be heard coz that would be great; and lastly I will still be here for my band mates and looking forward to my next jam with them (damn Festin he didn’t showed up on our last jam but it’s ok… I understand… Nasa Lipa kang Tangina ka! Gago!) For gigs, you can still contact me at my Smart roaming number 09184783945 or drop a message on our online pages. Alternatively you can email us at failure_batangas@yahoo.com. You may wonder why you need to contact the one who is in Singapore rather than the three in Philippines… Haha! There are tons of reasons… Let me give you some… Patrick has no cellphone right now… Festin and Sam are damn in love… exchanging cellphones with their gf’s… Haha! Hope that’s enough reason for you guys! For people at Singapore who might read this stupidity... Hehe... Feel free to contact me at +6581795843 and give me some Tiger beers! Lols! I have some copies of our 4-Way split Fear the Elements. Let me join you at the pit... SingaCORE style! That’s all folks! xkikoxbassx

21 APRIL 2007

We just had our first gig this summer last night at Tayabas Quezon, that was also the first time we played there. Thanks a lot to all the people who support us, you know who you are. Credit also goes out to the people behind DNA Production - Benedick, Ashley, Peachy, Ming and the rest. We also like to thank Lexter for having us a pizza. Yeah! Thanks a lot guys! Sa uulitin!

14 JANUARY 2007

We had our kick off for 2007 at Caloocan last night. The show called Hardcore Scandal 2007 was organized by Hellmet productions. Thanks to Koi for inviting Batangas City Bands including Survival Of the Fittest, Lockfist, Calamity End, Faceless Reality and Failure but for some reasons, SOF was not able to make it. It was truly an unforgettable gig because before we hit Direx Bar, a police chased us because our jeepney driver did not stop at the checkpoint. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing but 1500 pesos settled everything. Hahaha! The gig was great as the venue was literally packed and awesome sets from every band.

01 JANUARY 2007

2006 was a good year for FAILURE. We are looking forward for a better year this 2007. First thing this year, Allschools Network had posted their interview with us. If you have time to read on, you may visit the interview part of Allschools Network and check out our band. Thanks for your continuous support for FAILURE. We will never fail you.


21 NOVEMBER 2006

Fear the Elements was reviewed favorably by Allschools Network, one of the biggest online zine in Germany. The CD got a perfect score of 10/10. Click here to read the full review but this is written in german. For the english version click here. Thanks to Matthias of VKR for providing us the english version. We also like to thank Allschools Network for giving us a good review.

22 OCTOBER 2006

It was a great show last night here at Batangas City! A lot of new awesome bands are in the line up. Too bad that our digicam memory crashed, you will not see what happened on that great show. Thanks to all the kids who organized that show. That is also the night we officially released our 4-way split CD “Fear the Elements.” Thanks to all who bought our CD...

Fear the Elements is now available in stores near you! For orders you can contact us by email or just contact kiko at 09184783945.

Fear the Elements are also available at:
Avoid Fate Records (Manila) – 09202320661 - Bryan
Shurikenfist Entertainment (Batangas) – 09198938657 – AJ

Php250 per CD


Last night was the release show of Fear the Elements in Germany. How we wish we were there also! Hahaha! The official release date of the split is on 6th of October. “You can expect a dazzling array of passionate hardcore, moshing metalcore, devilish grindcore attacks and trashing death metal without any disco-mosh shit by some new underground heroes from Germany, Poland, Japan and Philippines” --- Village Kids Records

For orders...
you can e-mail us at failure_batangas@yahoo.com
or contact Kiko (09184783945).

You can also drop a message in our myspace and friendster accounts and other community, in which we are registered. We are now also a part of rakista.com and mobiuslive.net. And oh feel free to use our guestbook also. Maraming maraming salamat sa suporta!


We had our much awaited gig at Laguna last night. “This is Not Your Usual Bar Scene” gig was organized by Five Bucks Production. The show was awesome as expected and Batangas City Crew flooded the venue. The line up was dominated by bands from Batangas City including us, Sauna, SOF, Tellayouthska, Calamity End and Faceless Reality. Tons of gratitude goes out to Jay of Mihara for coordinating with us and giving us updates before the gig. Dude thanks also for the nice photos! We appreciate it!


It was an awesome gig last night at Kolumn Bar! The venue is packed and the bands delivered great sets. Thanks to Avoid Fate and Psyche Collective for inviting us. AJ and Nelzone of SOF came with us last night. I don’t know how to thank these two guys for being there and helping us all the time, they even took the pictures during our set. It was also the first time that our new 2nd guitarist Edward of One4zerO played with us on a gig. You’ll see Edward with us on our next gigs since he’ll be doing sessions with us. Our original guitarist Pat was diagnosed with Bronchopneumonia and was advised to quit the band so when he told us about it four days before the gig at Kolumn bar, we immediately contacted Edward. However hard headed Pat still came with us last night and still managed to fucking play!

27 AUGUST 06

A hard hit by mean of a stone on Nelzone’s face ended the release party last night… yup you’ve read it right! SOF’s bassist was rushed to the hospital through the middle of the gig. Fuck! Those assholes don’t even know that the guy they’d messed up with was the bassist of the band who organized that show. I was there inside the venue and witnessed how it started. Our brother Nelzone just served as a peacemaker at the pit. Damn we all are working our asses off to stop violence last night! We don’t want the shits that happened during our release party to happen again. Nelzone went at the core of the pit to stop those fucking idiots and ascertain peace but what happened was exactly the opposite. He was hit and so he fought back… who the hell would not struggle back? We thought everything was all right because that fucking asshole was thrown out by the crew and left the venue. But the asshole and his fellows were not contented and too bad we were not there when the rest happened … that fuckass got a knife and went back … it was only Nelzone who was there and faced them outside the venue. Good thing he was not stabbed but a stone hit on his face by the asshole’s fellow running from his back knocked him down. He got four stitches on his face and needs one month to recover.

Shits happened again because some tough guy wannabes who knows absolutely nothing about the scene and all entered the gig. They ruined everything… it was just the 8th band who was playing when that brawl came about. We were band no. 13 and even SOF hadn’t taken the moment yet when it happened. Everyone went home with shoulders and head down… Nelzone is one of the best brothers everyone in the scene has and I could say that he’s Failure’s best bud. He’s been there since day one… always the first one to wear our band shirts every time we came up with a new design. Damn it felt so bad to see him beaten down by those idiots.

On Sept. 2, same place, same time but definitely it will not be the same night. One4zerO, one of Batangas City’s prides will be releasing their 9-track debut album “Violence of Love” under Shurikenfist Entertainment. For all the fakers and posers out there who will try to enter the gig… well not this time assholes! If you want to fight… then bring it on but not inside the venue… let’s do it outside! We organized gigs not for you fuckers but for the crews, bands and those people who know music, brotherhood and respect. NSC agreed that all the gigs to be organized here are for bands, crews, friends and people whom the crews know. Sabi nga ni Kets, dun sa mga pumunta at sa mga pupunta pa lang…"KASALI KA GA? KASALI GA KAYO?"

Long live Batangas City scene!


20 AUGUST 06

It’s August and Failure is one year now...Shit! Our first year was a total blast! We had endured and pulled off great things for the past year and we hope our second year will be the same or even better.

So what’s up this year? First is our much anticipated 4-way split with End is Forever, John Doe and Loyal to the Grave under Village Kids Records (VKR). It’s a great pleasure that we will share a CD with awesome bands like them and having been friends with such kind and talented musicians. Also, we recently received an e-mail from a US-based record outfit and offered us to be a part of their compilation that will be composed of 21 bands around the world… the CD would be promoted in online and campus radio stations in US and will be marketed in US and UK… very great offer and we really want to work this out but it seems that we lack money so we are looking for some local sponsors to push this through, hahaha! Help us! We also have few gigs coming up… thanks to all the organizers for including us in their listings.

Aug 26, 2006 - Andal Bldg., near Lawas, Batangas City
Sep 02, 2006 - Batangas City / Sta.Rosa, Laguna
Sep 12, 2006 - Kolumn Bar, Quezon City, FREE ENTRANCE!
Sep 16, 2006 - Former Aurora KTV Bar, San Pedro, Laguna

Maraming salamat sa suporta! Gaining true brothers in the scene is the greatest reaching that we had for the past year...Sana dumami pa mga kapatid namin!

17 JULY 06

Failure is included in the upcoming 4-way split CD entitled "Fear the Elements" with awesome hardcore bands hailing from other countries. They are End is Forever | Germany, John Doe | Poland, and Loyal to the Grave | Japan. It will be released this coming August under Village Kids Records from Germany. So prepare for some fucking massive hardcore and metal attack next month!

Pre-listening @ myspace.com/feartheelements
Village Kids Records

16 JULY 06

Listen-To-It-Network, a Germany-based online magazine published their review of our CD last week. The review is written in German but the owner Sebastian e-mailed us a bit of the review in English. We understand that he gave us a good review and we are thankful because it is such a great promotion for our band particularly there in Germany and Europe. For more info about Listen-To-It-Network, visit www.l2i.de.

Failure shirt is now available, contact Francis at 09184783945 for details. Maraming salamat!

27 JUNE 06

After three months of being stagnant and literally not seeing each other (no practice and bonding at all), we finally had our chance of jamming yesterday despite the storm and hard rain. The summer vacation was over, it seems like we’re back in the business. We are looking forward to more gigs this season so put us in your line-up.

Our EP is still out and available under Avoid Fate. For direct buyers, you can contact Failure’s bassist Francis at 09184783945. Maraming salamat!

30 APRIL 06

Too bad! We didn’t make it to Bulacan last night because of some fucking reasons…financial problem mainly. We extend our apology to the organizers…hope we can make it next time.

21 APRIL 06

We will have our first gig at Bulacan on Saturday, April 29. The NOISE CARNAGE II gig is organized by Costumized Freedom Collective and Solidarity to Unity. Thanks for including us in the line-up.

19 MARCH 06

Fuck those people who ruined the great momentum of our release party last night! And although we don’t want to dwell to those stupid shits that happened, still we feel disappointed on how the gig ended up because all the bands and crews who went there ought to have a great show – and it was undeniably if not for those assholes! We apologize to the organizers particularly to our brothers in Avoid Fate because it was them who have been working their ass off to release our EP and put up a gig for us since December. To the bands who were not able to play – Sauna, Below, and The Weapon – we are really sorry, we know you guys traveled all the way from Manila together with your crew to support us.

And for those posers and fakers who go to gig just to stumble on some brawls, your 30 bucks don’t paid off the shits that you caused. Putangina ninyo kayong lahat! You don’t know what the underground scene is all about.

Damaged microphones; frequent light malfunction; some from our crew were punched and kicked by brainless posers; one tough guy wannabe claimed that he is a police; unsigned show permit; the genuine cops stopped the show and brought two of our brothers to their station --- those were the highlights  of our release party…

But at the core everything comes down to this: Bands, crews, and kids flooded the venue – it was literally packed, our local hardcore bands gave their best sets ever, plenty of singalongs down the front, countless “lababo dive” from Matt, and non-stop hard actions making the entire venue as one large pit. Damn it was phenomenal! So thanks to all who went there last night to support us, we really felt appreciated.

Our EP is now officially released. If you want to have a copy, e-mail Avoid Fate at xavoidfatex@tumyeto.com. You can also contact Francis, the bassist for direct buying. Pakalat kalat lang yun sa Batangas.

Maraming salamat sa suporta!


Batangas City Crew dominated the gig at Mataas na Kahoy, Lipa last night! Bands such as Tellayouthska, St. Elmo’s Fire, Failure, Incenso, VOU, One4zerO, SOF, Metronome Arthritis and more filled the line-up. It was not a typical underground gig but we enjoyed it. Those stupid kids singing “la lalalala” had a taste of Batangas City mosh (they obviously don’t know what underground people fight and stand for).

Maraming salamat ulit sa suporta!


At Last! The schedule for our album release is now finalized. We already posted info and flyer here in our site and also to our Friendster and Myspace accounts so see y'all there!


We just had our first gig this year last night at Lipa City, Batangas. It was one hell of a show – the venue was packed and everyone enjoyed the music, moshpit and all. Thanks to the organizers for putting up that great gig. We would also like to extend credits to NSC for their support and for sure we won’t be able to play without Tellayouthska’s guitar and bass – thanks!

Some updates for our band this year: We are currently doing a collaboration with BJ and Bonzo, a tribute song to NSC. Also, Failure and Avoid Fate Records are planning to release our EP (Death is Just the Beginning) officially this coming February so keep on visiting this site for more updates. Salamat sa inyong lahat!


Thanks to the organizers of Love Me or Die gig at Las Piñas last Wednesday. It was a great show and nice sets from bands that played. Thanks also to Ishma for letting us used their instruments (as always).


Our 5-song EP CD is now available under AVOIDFATE RECORDS. E-mail xavoidfatex@tumyeto.com for order. A million thanks to AVOIDFATE RECORDS and NYQUIST RECORDING STUDIO...we owe them a lot.


We are currently working on the materials of our soon to release 5-song EP. Check-out one of our tracks on PUREVOLUME and MYSPACE MUSIC.


Finally, Failure has published this site. This is simple but we keep it informative, just enough to give people an idea about us and our music.

Failure is a four piece group formed in June of 2005. The band's unique sound is fine-tuned by the various styles and influences offered from each member and their musical roots.

Guitar player: Patrick drives with a heavy melodic furrow, and rhythms that are very experimental.

Drummer: John brings in an exceptional style of hard hitting beats while incorporating fills that stand above the rest.

Vocalist: Sam conveys a passionate and energetic force that is deciphered into materials that discuss emotion, heartaches, solitude and all that is in the crest of life.

Bassist: Francis makes the music stand by adding an energizing existence on stage.

Currently rehearsing in their hometown, their goal is to mend their influences and style to form an original music and help strengthen and unify the Bay City area music scene together with other local bands. Failure is also playing shows around the area and near-by zone and soon to release their 5-song EP.